Lindell Legal Offense Fund


Our country is in crisis. Our government has weaponized their enforcers against Political opponents, fiercely attacking those who speak truth – who will not stop talking about the theft of the 2020 election!

When The FBI came for me I was surprised, I thought they would never come. I have been holding the evidence exposing these crimes for the past year and not a word from them.

We know the 2020 election and every election since has been rigged and stolen. We are not going to stop until the electronic voting machines are gone!

To date we have launched multiple legal battles, supported great patriots who have also come under duress from lawfare and created a ground swell of grassroot patriots who have gathered over 1000 cast vote records from the 2020 election! We want you to join our movement and restore the integrity of our country’s elections.

God has given us grace for su h a time as this. But everybody needs to do their part and join the fight. We cannot battle the persecution of the CCP and the globalist deep state uniparty alone. Help us save our country.